Pulpit Supply Directory

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**Indicates a willingness to consider being interim pastor or interim preacher

Reston Ansley

*Graduate of BBC
*Member of Immanuel Baptist, Newton
*Deacon at Immanuel Baptist, Newton

Dan Bjokne**

*Graduate of Central Baptist Seminary, Plymouth, MN
*Former administrator in various ministries
*Deacon at Ankeny Baptist Church

Walter Bowen**

*Graduate of FBBC & TS
*Former Pastor
*Living in Altoona

Dan Brown**

*Full time FBTS and Adjunct at FBBC
*Former Pastor
*Member of Ankeny Baptist Church

Dan Bunge**

*Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Des Moines
*Pastored at Emmanuel Baptist Church for 15 years.
*Retired after pastoring 47 years
*Certified Biblical Counsel with ACBC (wife is also certified)

Dean Button

*Retired Missionary Builder, CBM
*Member of Calvary Baptist, Union

Pastor Tim Capon

*IARBC State Representative
*Former Pastor

Thomas Christensen

*Graduated from FBBC in 2012, Pastoral Studies
*Member of Community Baptist Church, Ankeny

Keith Cogar

*Enrolled at FBBC-Senior year, Missions program
*Active at Ankeny Baptist Church

Alan Cole**

*Co-chairman of Bible Theology at FBBC & TS
*Member of Community Baptist Church, Ankeny

Don Collings**

*Graduated from FBBC
*40 years pastoral experience
*Member of Calvary Baptist, Forest City

David Craig**

*Graduated from FBTS
*Member of Soteria
*Chaplain in the IA National Guard

Mike Craighead**

*Former Pastor of Murray Baptist, Berean Baptist, in Pella
*26 years pastoral experience
*Graduate of FBBC & TS
*Member at Altoona Regular Baptist

Roger Crawford

*Retired from full time pastoring at Calvary Baptist, Union in 6/2015
*Served as deacon and on ministry boards

Joshua Cressey

*Enrolled in LU undergrad online 3rd year, Pastoral Studies
*Licensed to preach
*Currently residing in Ankeny

Paul Cutler

*Former pastor
*Attends First Baptist, Guthrie Center

Mark Davis

*Graduate of FBBC & TS
*Director of Admissions for FBBC & TS
*Member of Community Baptist, Ankeny

Dwight DePenning**

*Graduate of FBBC
*Former pastor, missionary, and Bible College professor
*Experienced interim pastor
*Member of First Baptist, Fairbault, MN
*Lives in Owatonna, MN

Bob Domokos**

*Retired Chairman of Pastoral Training and Christian Ministries, FBBC
*Member at Ankeny Baptist Church

Jim Engle**

*Camp manager at Raccoon River Bible Camp
*Graduate of Northland and FBTS
*Assistant Pastor for 1 and 1/2 years

Brandon Fritz

*Dean of Students at FBBC
*Member of Community Baptist Church, Ankeny
*Qualified Layman

Gary Gonnerman

*45 years of pastoral experience
*FBBC graduate
*Member of Saint Ansgar Baptist Church
*Living near Saint Ansgar

Miles Grismore**

*Retired from full time pastoring on 12/31/13 after pastoring at Faith Baptist, Mason City, for 25 years
*43+ years of pastoral experience
*Relocated to Ankeny

Russ Harris**

*Member at First Baptist, Bloomfield
*FBBC Grad
*13 years pastoral experience

John Hartog II**

*Professor, FBBC
*Founding Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes
*Member of Slater Baptist Church

Paul Hartog**

*Vice President of Academic Services, FBBC & TS
*15 years of Associate Pastoral experience
*Member of Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes

Wayne Hohndorf

*Graduate of FBBC
*Qualified Layman
*Member of Karen Street Baptist, Omaha, NE

Cody Huber

*Former Assistant Dean of Men at FBBC
*Member of Soteria Des Moines: A Baptist Church

Paul Hutchins

*Former Pastor-Walnut, IA
*Graduate of FBBC & TS
*Member at Faith Baptist Church, Cambridge
*Former Interim Pastor at Calvary Baptist, Manning

Don Johnston

*Experienced pastor of 36 years
*Graduate and former trustee (20 years) of FBBC & TS
*Currently a Chaplain at Beacon of Hope Hospice in Davenport

Tim Jones

*Qualified Layman
*Member of Harvest Baptist, Williamsburg

Keith Kobelia**

*Professor of Bible & Theology at FBBC
*FBBC & TS graduate
*Member of Faith Baptist, Cambridge
*Alternate E-mail: kkobelia@usfamily.net

Richard Krull**

*Former Pastor
*FBBC & TS graduate
*Member at Nevada Baptist Church

Don Kusmaul**

*Former pastor
*Currently a deacon at Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes

Lance Lewis

*Senior in the Pastoral Program at FBBC
*Youth Leader at Grandview Park Baptist, Des Moines

Dr. Tim Little

*Sunday School teacher at Faith Baptist, Cambridge
*Manager at FBBC Bookstore
*Faculty member at FBBC & TS

Mark Lounsbrough

*Deacon at Community Baptist Church, Ankeny
*Former missionary to Brazil
*Current Chairman of Missions Dept. at FBBC & TS

David Love

*Graduate of FBBC
*Attending Hagerman Baptist Church, Waterloo
*Former youth pastor

Neale Lumsden

*Faithful member and youth leader at Missionary Baptist Church, Carlisle
*Pastoral and Counseling graduate from FBBC & TS

Justin Lundberg

*Experienced pastor
*FBTS graduate
*Member at Harvest Baptist, Williamsburg

Bill Mars**

*Graduate of Bob Jones University
*46 years of pastoral experience
*Currently a member of Soteria Des Moines: A Baptist Church

Jeff Newman

*Professor of Biblical Counseling
*Chair of Local Church Ministries
*Member of Altoona Regular Baptist

Ken Rathbun**

*Vice President of Academics, FBBC & TS
*Former pastor and BMM missionary to Jamaica, 14 years
*Ministered in 19 countries
*Member of Altoona Regular Baptist

Jake Sanders

*Graduated from FBBC & TS in 2013
*Active member at CrossRoad Baptist Church, Ames
*Youth leader at church

Bob Sauser**

*Pastored 46 years-retired from FirstBaptist, Creston
*Resides in Creston
*Regional Field Director of Baptist Church Planters

Nathaniel Scherz

*FBTS Graduate
*Member of Faith Baptist Church, Cambridge

Ernie Schmidt**

*Would like to stay in Northern Iowa
*Currently available for conferences
*Founding Pastor of Community Baptist, Ankeny
*Former Interim President of FBBC & TS
*Visiting professor at FBTS
*Former FBBC

Andy Stearns

*FBBC & TS Graduate
*Member of Faith Baptist Church, Cambridge
*Assistant Professor at FBBC & TS

Loren Stoneberg

*Former pastor
*Graduate of FBBC
*Member of Community Baptist, Ankeny

Chris Tjapkes

*Retired IARBC pastor
*45 years pastoral experience
*Member of First Baptist Church, Perry

Ronald VanderHart**

*Experienced pastor of 38 years, retired from Adelphi Calvary Baptist Church where he remains a member

Daniel Werts
*FBTS Student
*Member of Ankeny Baptist Church
Bill Wright

*Retired Pastor
*Member of Calvary Baptist, Rochester, MN