Month: April 2018

Missions Trip Opportunity


Families and singles who are members of IARBC churches are welcome! There are many areas to help out with, including being a cabin counselor or assistant counselor, working in the kitchen, leading music, leading games, teaching, and more! We plan to leave Iowa on Sunday afternoon (July 15th), serve at the camp Monday through Friday, and then return to Iowa on Saturday afternoon (July 21st). A post trip report is planned for Sunday morning, July 22nd at Faith Baptist Church, Carroll, Iowa. This is a very inexpensive missions trip. All housing and most meals are covered!  Contact Jay Chapman (515.577.6350) to learn more! Also, you may visit their FB page here. 

EZRA Ministries Update

Currently, we implement opportunities for EZRA ministries on a part-time basis. I assist Bethel Baptist Church in Britt, IA as their missionary pastor as well as work a 2nd job in the community. We are grateful that Bethel serves as our sending church in this new venture. I could not enter this new phase of ministry without the support of our local church. Neither could I invest myself even part-time without the help of Don Collings and Roger Crawford. These two men consecutively take the preaching responsibilities at Bethel on the 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month to free up my time to allow EZRA ministries to move forward. I work my second job beginning at 7am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sometimes I am done by 4pm; many times I finish at 5pm or later. You can understand what a blessing Don and Roger are, considering that Wednesday, Saturday, and weekday nights are the hours set apart for family, local church preparations, and missionary endeavors. Yes, I also serve as a Chaplain with the Iowa State Patrol. I take one Wednesday a month to concentrate on communication with a trooper, a visit to the Post, or a daytime ride-along before the Wednesday evening church activity. Such tremendous potential exists in these ministry possibilities, my mind turns to Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 19:9a, “For a great and effective door has  opened unto me…” Pray that God will continue to supply the strength necessary to carry out each responsibility. Pray too that God would enable us to utilize the 3rd and 4th Sundays in the up-coming months to connect with other local churches to hear more about EZRA ministries.

If you desire, please contact me at

Prayer Request for Pastor Sauser

Update: “Pastor Sauser is out of surgery. It went well. The family will see him shortly. We’re on our way home. Praise the Lord!” – State Rep. Capon (We have also received a request to pray for pain management.) 

As the Lord leads, please take a moment during your day on Friday to pray for Pastor John Sauser (and his wife, Deb) of Harvest Baptist Church in Williamsburg. He will be undergoing CABG open heart surgery Friday morning in Iowa City. It is expected to begin around 7 am and may last 6-7 hours. We will post updates as they become available.


IARBC State Conference Reflections

Feed My Sheep: The 2018 IARBC State Conference Reflections
By Pastor David Cotner

On March 26-27, messengers from the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches descended upon Calvary Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, IA. The purpose of the convergence? To be fed from the Word, strengthened for local church ministry, and to contemplate the business of our association. As a conference messenger and attendee, I can attest to the value and blessing of this year’s state meeting.

The conference highlight, and main speaker for this year’s meeting, was Dr. Dean Taylor from the Pastoral Training Department at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA. His theme was “Feed My Sheep”, and as such, he took us on a well-planned, well-exegeted journey through John 21, Acts 20, and 1 Peter 4. As he walked us through these sections of the Sacred Text, he encouraged the messengers, specifically pastors, with words like this: “Recognize the futility of our efforts without Him…Give of yourself regardless of what you get in return…and [preaching] is a gift of God’s grace.” At the end of the day, Dr. Taylor’s words to us were simple: “Love Jesus. Feed His Sheep. Follow Him.” Indeed, every pastor walked away from this conference with these clear marching orders, not from Dr. Taylor per se, but from our precious Lord and Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

In addition to Dr. Taylor’s preaching, multiple workshops were offered, to include: “The Ministry of the Associate Pastor” by Pastor Danny Capon, “Preaching from Old Testament Narrative” by Dr. Dean Taylor, and “It’s Time to Grow Up” by Mrs. Sandy Capon. These workshops were helpful, practical, and blessed the messengers of the conference in a special way. If interested in the notes from any one of these workshops, please contact the workshop leader and they would be glad to give you these notes.

Another valuable aspect of this year’s state meeting was the different business meetings that took place over these two days. Indeed, the Council of Ten was able to meet during this year’s conference and pour over different details that affect our state association. Also, our Annual Business Meeting was conducted, in which (among other things) our State Representative and his wife, Tim and Sandy Capon, gave their report concerning the different ministry opportunities and projects they are currently involved in…and boy are they involved in many things! How we praise God for the precious gift of the leadership of Tim and Sandy Capon to our state association. Also, during the Annual Business Meeting, messengers were able to vote on new Council of Ten members. In fact, your new Council of Ten includes: Will Hatfield (Chairman), Dave Peters (Vice Chairman), Bruce Thompson (Secretary), Shon Lundberg (Treasurer), David Strope, Tim Moore, John Woodford, Doug Farrell, Daniel Hartwig, and David Cotner. Please pray for these men as they advise and counsel our State Representative, Tim Capon.

Another highlight of this year’s conference was a time of discussion on a somewhat long-time concern in our association, namely, what do we do with and how do we interact with churches, in our association, who decide to drop the identifier “Baptist” from their church name. A paper was read, a new policy was presented, and a gentlemanly discussion ensued. Indeed, it was refreshing to see so many different opinions and thoughts being discussed and explained. From my perspective, as one conference attendee, this is a real strength of our association, namely, there is such a wide spectrum of thoughts and opinions on this issue (and others), but, at the end of the day, we desire the same things: unity, the good of our Association, and God’s great glory. A vote concerning our new policy about “Baptist in the Church Name” will be voted upon at next year’s conference. Below is the suggested policy:

“Churches in affiliation with the IARBC shall be Baptist Churches. A Baptist Church shall be identified by the following criteria:

  1. Identification as a Baptist Church in legal documentation;
  2. The statement of a recognized council of sister Baptist churches;
  3. Agreement with the Statement of Faith of the IARBC;
  4. An open desire to be known as a Baptist church and to seek fellowship with other Baptist churches in the IARBC;
  5. The practice of the doctrines presented in the Statement of Faith;
  6. Identification as a Baptist church made readily apparent to its membership and community (e.g. the church’s website, practice, membership classes, publicity materials, etc.).

If churches alter their publicly communicated identity as Baptist, the Council of Ten shall review documents and converse with these churches to ascertain the rationale for these changes.”

All in all, this year’s state conference was helpful and strengthening to all who participated. It sounds cliché, but it was truly a time of good preaching, good singing, good food, and good fellowship. How grateful I am for our state association. It’s serving our needs well and representing the Gospel well; and I know that many of you feel the same way.

Missionary Baptist Church Celebrates 160th Anniversary

Missionary Baptist Church has been a part of the Carlisle community since 1858.  On Sunday, April 29th, 2018, the church will be celebrating its 160th anniversary.  Everyone is welcome.  The Sunday School hour will begin at 9:30 by taking a trip down memory and will culminate with a re-dedication of the original church bell at 10:15. The worship service at 10:45 will feature special music and a message by Rev Dwight DePenning.  At 12:30, lunch, catered by Hickory Park, will be served at the Carlisle Middle School for those who purchased reserved tickets.  A song time will begin at 2:30 p.m., at the church, with a worship service beginning at 3:00.  The special speaker will be Dr. Bob Domokos.  More information is available at

A photo of the original church building: