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Free Sunday School Materials

Ankeny Baptist Church has Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials they would like to give away. The materials include teacher packets for 2’s & 3’s through middler. Many are from 2017-2020, but there are some earlier years as well. If you have questions, or are interested in the materials, please contact Michelle at Ankeny Baptist Church: or (515) 964-4076.

Free Items Available from FBBC&TS Dining Services

The following items are available through FBBC&TS Dining Services.  See pictures below.

  • 10” white melamine bowls approximately 3.5” deep (@300 available)
  • 6” black plastic bowls approximately 1.75” deep (@200 available)
  • 12X7.5” stainless steel oval platters (@150 available)
  • 60 ounce “Bouncer” pitchers (@40 available) – great for serving all types of cold beverages

We would love to re-home these items at no charge for use in your ministry. If you have a use for these in your ministry, please contact:

Terry Waltersdorf
Director of Dining Services
515-975-0533 (cell)

Any not re-homed by August 1, 2021 will be sold.

Children’s Class Materials

Calvary Baptist Church, Belmond, is looking for RBP Children’s Sunday school material to borrow or buy. They are looking for 2020 material: Middler year 2, quarter 4: Church & Peace. Teacher kit with 4 student workbooks. Please contact Calvary Baptist Church at 641- 444- 4144 if you have these items available.

Free Organ

Prairie Flower Baptist Church, Washington, has an organ that they would like to give away to someone who would be blessed by it. If you are interested in the organ, please contact Pastor Timothy O’Tool at (319) 653-2400.