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Church Van Need & Free Sunday School Materials

First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, IA is looking for a “new to us” church van. Our 1997 Ford van has served us well, but we are looking for possible upgrades. If a church has a van they are thinking of selling or know of a reliable one, please let us know.
Also we have VBS, RBP Sunday school, and Answers in Genesis Sunday school materials that would love to pass along to another church that many need them.
-Pastor Matt Froah

If you are interested in the Sunday School Materials or if you know of a church van for sale, please contact Pastor Matt Froah at (641) 840-0937 or mcfroah @

Items Available from Redeemer Baptist Church

Redeemer Baptist Church, Norwalk, has items to offer to other churches who can use them! Please contact Daniel at daniel.r.heiniger @ if you are interested.

Items & Number Available:
Paper Cutter-1
2 drawer filing cabinet-1
Round table-1
4ft plastic folding table-1
8 foot heavy metal table-2
Popcorn Machine-1
Christmas tree-3
Christmas decor
Metal folding chairs-1
Small metal folding chairs-17
Coffee Filters-case+
Counseling resources various booklets
Sunday School supplies/Curriculum various
Standing Speakers-2
Desktop Computer-1
Display Monitor-2
Sound Board-1
Computer Mouse-1
Computer Keyboard-1

FBBC Classic Car Show

Faith Baptist Bible College is hoping to host a Classic Car Show in conjunction with Homecoming on Saturday, October 8th.  If anyone has a Cool Classic Car they’d be willing to show on the Faith Campus, please contact Mark Felderman,, or call (515) 964-0601, ext.  232.

Free Choir Books

Bethel Baptist Church in Argyle, IA has choir books they would like to give away to anyone who can use them. Please contact Pastor Aaron Hand at or 319-677-0117 (cell) if you are interested!


  • Christmas at Home (13 books) by Ron and Shelly Hamilton
  • To God be the Glory (8 books and 1 piano book) arr. by Ed Kee
  • Anchored in the Rock of Ages (3 books) by Don Marsh
  • Through the Cross (7 and 1 piano) – Easter – by Russell Mauldin
  • Thou Art Worthy (3) arr. by Dick Bolks
  • Near to the Heart of God (18) – a Christmas musical by Russell Mauldin
  • Pastels (10) by Don Wyrtzen
  • Morning Star (5) by Tom Fettke
  • Teenage Choir, Vol. 1 (9) by John W. Peterson
  • Teenage Choir, Vol. 2 (10) by John W. Peterson
  • Ready to Sing (6), Always Ready to Sing (1) and More Ready to Sing – Mauldin
  • The Greatest Gift (12) – A Christmas Musical by Ron & Shelly Hamilton
  • The Bells of Christmas (12) by Shelly Hamilton
  • Love, Light and Life (24) – An Easy Christmas Cantata by Mosie Lister
  • Hosanna (3 books) – Joe E. Parks
  • Sing Alleluia (2) – Joe E. Parks
  • Several single books as well