Friends of the Fellowship are individuals, led of the Lord, who will, together with others, support the ministries of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

The financial support for our IARBC ministries comes primarily from the very generous and faithful monthly support from many of our churches. We also receive special gifts from churches and individuals throughout the year. But even with all of this, we typically run an annual budget shortfall of about $20,000 and ask God to provide by other means. The Friends of the Fellowship has been developed to help with these ongoing financial needs. It is a new way for individuals to give regular, relatively modest amounts to help support our fellowship. If only 100 people gave $10 every month, it would amount to $12,000 each year! We believe in what God is doing through the ministries of the IARBC. We believe in what God is doing in and among our churches. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Fellowship and promoting it to your church family.

If you would like to sign up to be a Friend of the Fellowship, you can fill out the form here. There are several options for submitting gifts, including the option to Donate Online or download a Debit Authorization Form if you would like your giving processed automatically through your bank. Thank you to those who already give in this way. Thank you for giving this consideration. These gifts are much appreciated, but more importantly is the fruit that God produces as we invest in ministries like the IARBC.