Anchor Baptist Church Celebrates Launch Sunday

IARBC State Representative Tim Capon addresses his home church family, Anchor Baptist Church, on January 6th.

As of January 6th, 2019, Grandview Park Baptist Church officially launched their new name, Anchor Baptist Church. The church marked the transition by holding special services. State Representative Tim Capon, who is also a member of Anchor Baptist Church, challenged the congregation during the first service to embrace what God would have them to do as they faced change. (You can listen to the message here.) Following the Anchor theme, the children’s choir led the congregation in singing, “Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor.” The church also celebrated a baptism and communion during the second service. The day was the culmination of a process several years in the making.

Jonathan Hendricks gives his testimony of salvation prior to being the first person baptized and received into the membership of Anchor Baptist Church. “I love my church family at Anchor Baptist and am excited for where God is leading us. My church has helped me to own my faith. I have experienced the most growth in my life the past few months. God brought me to Anchor and, Lord willing, I will serve Him here for years to come. ” – Jon Hendricks

After undergoing significant transitions in the last 5 years, including the cessation of operation of Grandview Park Baptist School and an accompanying significant change in membership, the church began to explore what direction God would have them take as they followed Him forward by faith. The church voted in 2016 to put their property on the market and finalized the sale of the property to Grand View Christian School in 2018. By lease agreement with GVCS, the church continues to meet at the same 1701 E. 33rd St. location while making preparations to buy property and build a new facility.

Praise Kids, the Anchor Baptist Church
Children’s Choir, sings “Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor” during the launch service on January 6th.

As the church family began seeking a new location, they began to realize that building in the “Grandview Park” area of Des Moines was unlikely. Despite the gratitude for all the GPBC name has meant for many within and beyond the church family, maintaining a geographically-linked name while moving out of that area seemed unnecessary. Beginning this past fall, the congregation was asked to submit new name suggestions and a series of votes were held to narrow down options and then finally to select a single name. Anchor Baptist Church came out as the final result in the ranked-choice vote.

The transitions aren’t over yet. While the church is officially operating under their new name, there are still places where the updates remain ongoing. Also, the church continues to work through the process of purchasing land and preparing to build. Currently, the church is hopeful to secure property within their current 50317 zip code and remain “a gospel light on the east side of Des Moines.” Please pray for Anchor Baptist as they seek God’s will in the days ahead. It is their desire to not only pursue a physical building, but to do the long-term work of building mature disciples of Christ in their community.
As a member of GPBC, and now Anchor Baptist Church, for 20+ years, I am excited to see how God will continue to use His church on the east side of Des Moines for His glory, as we strive to make disciples and be discipled.” – Joelle Logemann