Brotherhood Mutual  Program Benefits IARBC

State Rep Tim Capon receives a check for $10,000 from Terry Townsend of American Church Group as a benefit of the Brotherhood Mutual Ministry Partner Program.

Early in 2018, IARBC State Rep. Tim Capon was contacted by Terry Townsend of  American Church Group Insurance about an exciting opportunity to enter into a ministry partnership program with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance, the company through which the IARBC office and many of our churches are insured. As a result of this partnership, the IARBC was presented a check for $10,000 at the end of June! We are incredibly grateful for God’s provision of this gift and wish to express our thanks to Terry and his team for their service to our fellowship!

This partnership opportunity was originally presented at the IARBC Annual Conference this past spring with the following announcement in the program booklet:

The IARBC is now a Ministry Partner with Brotherhood Mutual. As a part of their Ministry Partner Program we can earn benefits in the form of funds to be used for the ministries of the IARBC. There are two ways we can earn benefits: 1) Safe Ministry Rewards can be earned based on the number of ministries in the IARBC that use Brotherhood Mutual and the average loss ratio of those ministries; and 2) Ministry Partner Payments as a guaranteed annual amount if the number of ministries in our fellowship exceeds a certain number. Our responsibility is to encourage our churches to consider Brotherhood Mutual as their insurance provider. Currently about 70% of our IARBC churches insure with Brotherhood Mutual. There is no requirement that a certain number of churches insure with Brotherhood Mutual, just that we encourage our churches to consider using them for their church insurance. Brotherhood Mutual, as insurance professionals, can also offer suggestions to help keep our churches and our people safe. It has been a delight to work with Terry Townsend (a former IARBC pastor) through this process.

Praise the LORD for His provision through this program! You can learn more about Brotherhood Mutual and the services they have available for churches by clicking the banner below.