Des Moines Metro Flooding – Help Needed!

The Des Moines Metro area was overwhelmed with heavy rainfall Saturday evening, with areas of Ankeny receiving ten inches of rain in a few short hours and metro waterways, like Four Mile Creek, rushing out of their banks. As a result, many homes and businesses sustained flood damage as basements were filled with several feet of water in some places. While it was disheartening to see the pictures and receive reports regarding the extent of the damage, it was very encouraging to hear of IARBC church families jumping in to help each other and the community. Among those affected was Faith Baptist Bible College as the apartment buildings on campus sustained significant damage. Faith’s president, Dr. Jim Tillotson, has issued the following request for volunteers to join them in the cleanup efforts beginning tomorrow, July 3rd:

As you may or may not have heard, Ankeny received 10 inches of rain on Saturday night. This caused massive flooding in the entire town of Ankeny. This also caused flooding in all 6 of our apartment buildings and our IT and Maintenance Building. With students set to arrive in 6 weeks, we are in big trouble!

We are in desperate need of the following things:

1. Anyone in the Des Moines area that could potentially house people for up to 2 months. There are 10 tenants (some of which are families with children) that will be displaced until their apartments can be fixed.
2. We need as many people as are able to come starting Tuesday, July 3 at 9 AM to do the following:
Help move tenants’ furnishings into PODS

Rip out carpet and drywall from 24 apartments. If you are able to help in this area, please bring gloves and utility knives with you.

If you have any drywall or flooring experience, we could use your help beginning a week from Tuesday.

If you are able to help in any of these areas, please contact Karis Cole at or 515-964-0601.

We anticipate this taking at least 6 weeks, so any help during this time would be greatly appreciated, but a large group on Tuesday at 9 AM in front of Jordan Hall is especially needed to get us started.

We would appreciate any missions teams or individuals who are able to help.

We cannot do this on our own. We are in desperate need of your help!

Dr. Jim Tillotson

Please pray for those affected and consider helping if you are able.