Faith Baptist Church in Knoxville Celebrates New Addition

On December 2nd, Faith Baptist Church had a celebration and dedication service to thank God for His goodness in providing the means for Faith Baptist Church to complete their building project. Faith Baptist Church was joined by Tim and Sandy Capon, some of the faithful men  who have filled the pulpit when Faith Baptist Church was without a pastor and their wives, as well as many other friends .
This was indeed a time of great celebration as the building project started back in 2011. It was also a time to praise God that Faith Baptist did not have to borrow any money or accumulate any debt for the project. Their service was started with a time of recognition for those who have worked so hard and given so much to see the building project go from start to finish, including many of the Charter members of Faith Baptist. Next, there was a time when several individuals were given the opportunity to share memories of their church and how God has blessed their lives through the Faith Baptist Church. Finally, a devotional was given by Pastor Josh Spencer. After the devotional, a prayer of thanksgiving and dedication to the Lord was given . There were also many pictures and even a video showing the  building progress through the years. It was truly a special day.