Fish & Game Dinner Update

Walnut Park Baptist Church in Muscatine, Iowa hosted their sixth annual “Fish and Game Dinner” Friday evening, March 10, 2023. Since Muscatine is located right on the Mississippi River and there are many other favorite fishing holes nearby, everyone enjoyed fried fish in abundance. In addition, the guys cooked a variety of meats from their freezers: venison, pheasant, duck, turkey and even moose. The main gospel objective of the evening was met when Tim Capon effectively shared his hunting and fishing stories interwoven with the gospel explained 5 or 6 times during his talk. After hearing how Tim explained the gospel again and again, and that 10 or 15 guests heard that gospel, the pastor said, “Tim, that was perfect! That’s exactly what we hoped would happen tonight.”

Praise the Lord!! Please be in prayer for the guests that heard the gospel so clearly that evening!