Fostering a Faith: Northern Iowa Couple Embark on New Ministry

“Foster,” by definition, is twofold . First, “to bring up a child that is not one’s own by birth.” Secondly, “to encourage or promote the development of.” We want to show that through fostering these children we are also fostering or promoting the development of our own faith. Thus the name, “fosteringafaith”.

Dan & Michelle Stephenson

It was over a decade ago when God first led Dan and Michelle Stephenson of Clear Lake to consider fulfilling the call of Psalm 82:3 to, “defend the weak and the fatherless,” through the ministry of foster care and adoption. Now, 14 years, 6 adopted children and many foster children later, they are once again stepping out in faith to encourage others to consider how God could use individuals and local churches to reach those in what they describe as a “captive mission field.” The Stephensons are seeking to use what they have learned in their years of involvement with the Iowa foster care system to equip churches and church members to develop ministries to foster families. Their hope is that those who hear their testimony of God’s working in and through foster care and adoption will discover how God could use every church member in such a ministry, whether that is by becoming a foster parent, adoptive parent, respite care provider, or by providing organized assistance to local foster families. The Stephensons, who are members of Clear Lake Regular Baptist Church, will be available to visit local churches and would love to hear from you if you’d like to have them come present their ministry, or if you just have questions about how you can get started with foster care and adoption ministries. You can follow them on their Facebook page, Fostering A Faith, or by emailing Dan at