Grace Baptist Church of Emmetsburg Welcomes Assistant Pastor

Grace Baptist Church welcomed Rob Tahtinen, his wife Stephanie, and their three children to Emmetsburg, Iowa, on December 4, 2017. Rob graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary (PA) in 2008 and is serving as the Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry. Before coming to Iowa, Rob served in churches in Michigan and South Carolina.

Rob and Stephanie met while they were camp counselors in Michigan and got married in 2006 at the same camp. In 2011, the Lord blessed them with their first child and then blessed them with more children in 2013 and 2017.

Rob has a passion for teaching the Word of God, equipping others for the Work of the Lord, sports, hunting, watching movies, and hanging out. He looks forward to getting to know the area of Emmetsburg and building relationships with those in the community both in Palo Alto and throughout the Iowa area.

Fun Fact: Rob was named after the founder of the GARBC.