Jared Segerstrom Ordination

Recently, in conjuction with the Des Moines Area Pastors’ Fellowship monthly meeting, an ordination council was held for Jared Segerstrom at Soteria Des Moines: A Baptist Church. In addition to his faithful ministry in his local church, Jared has been a speaker at youth events at IRBC and has been an encouragement to teens and kids from around the state. We received the report below on the event from Pastor Mike Augsburger. Congratulations Pastor Segerstrom!

On Tuesday, October 9th, Jared Segerstrom was ordained at Soteria Des Moines. Jared has served faithfully at Soteria for over eight years in many capacities including middle school ministry, director of high school ministry, and on staff as a pastoral assistant. On Sunday, October 14th, we voted to call Jared as a pastor/elder/bishop of Soteria Des Moines. We are thankful for all the ways God has used Jared in the life of our church to make more and better disciples who learn, grow, and serve. We are privileged to have him as one of our pastors.
–Pastor Mike Augsburger