John Mathew Begins Ministry in Reinbeck



First Baptist Church of Reinbeck called John Mathew to be their pastor this past February 4th and he accepted that call on February 18th. Pastor Mathew had been providing pulpit supply for the church since the previous fall. For a while, Pastor Mathew and his family (his wife, Anna, and his daughters, Grace and Joy) traveled back and forth to Reinbeck while Pastor Mathew completed his obligations at FBBC, where he had been employed in the dining services and bookstore, until they were able to be fully settled in their new community beginning Easter Sunday.

Pastor Mathew graduated from FBBC with a BA in 2011 and then completed his MDIV at FBTS in 2016, interning at Altoona Regular Baptist Church and Orangeville Baptist Church (MI). Prior to their ministry in Reinbeck, the Mathews served the Lord in music and children’s ministries at Altoona Regular Baptist Church.

Congratulations to Pastor Mathew, his family, and First Baptist Church of Reinbeck!