Northridge Baptist Church Celebrates God’s Faithful Provision

Northridge Baptist Church celebrated God’s faithful, ongoing provision in paying off the mortgage in 2018 with the burning of a symbolic mortgage note on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

This was a major accomplishment that evidences God’s power and faithfulness. The church, in a period of quick growth shortly after its inception, acquired its building. The older building needed a lot of work, but the growing congregation was committed to the challenge. The church then faced the unexpected closing of the ministry which was incrementally loaning the money to purchase the building. This crisis placed the church in a very difficult place financially and discouraged many in the fledgling congregation, many of whom left at that time. The remaining congregation plodded onward to minister for God’s glory while addressing the demands of the building and debt.

God has proven Himself faithful, providing over the years through many faithful workers and many financial means. He also has allowed the church building to be used in many extended ways. He has supplied wisdom, workers, and givers to allow the church to operate continually and efficiently, to renovate the older property over time, and to finally retire its debt. We glorify God in His ongoing care for this ministry.

To honor their faithfulness to God’s work at Northridge, Lynn and Judy Hammel were asked to burn the symbolic mortgage. Both have been active in ministry at Northridge throughout the church’s existence.

Pastor Kevin Subra