Regional Worship Connect Conference

Regional Worship Connect Conference
February 5-6, 2018 @ Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, IL
Shepherding — Refocusing Our Purpose

Like most pastors, you have likely found yourself crazy busy. You finished off 2017 strong, and started 2018 with a punch. Your expectations and goals have been set, but perhaps the expectations of others have been made known- demanding your time and immediate attention. Your calendar is mostly filled up for the year. The projects to be done are daunting and overwhelming. But for you, a shepherd, your heart yearns for the people around you. How do you maintain your focus? Make it a priority to connect with other pastors who feel the same way. At Worship Connect you will get your ministry battery recharged and develop a fresh excitement for ministry. You will be blessed with fellowship and encouragement. Together we want to be proficient in ministry as shepherds.

To view the schedule, speakers, registration info, and more please visit the Regional Connect website.

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