Resources for A “Thriving Church”

Dr. Dean Taylor, member of Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes and Chair of the Pastoral Training Department at FBBC, released a new book, The Thriving Church, on December 6th to help provide local churches with a “biblical guideline of how to do church.”

In an article announcing the book on the FBBC website, The Thriving Church is described as,

…a 170-page blueprint that details what it means to have a thriving church and what it takes to get there. It is available for purchase on Friday, December 6, 2019, and is the first of what Dr. Taylor hopes to be many books that come from his pen in the years to come. As a former pastor of 25 years and the Chair of Pastoral Training at Faith Baptist Bible College, the topic of church growth is one he is passionate about.

The book emphasizes topics of church unity, humility, spiritual gifts, and the fullness of Christ. Dr. Taylor purposely wrote the manuscript in simple terms, not in a highly academic or collegiate textbook style, with the goal of making it an easy read for all believers, with foundational biblical principles for everyone to follow.

One of the notable elements of The Thriving Church is that it isn’t written only for pastors. The intention of the book is to equip the whole church for the task of maintaining biblical health. The book covers topics like church unity, humility, and spiritual gifts in an intentionally conversational tone making it an engaging read for all church members.

“I wrote this to be accessible for any church member,” said Dr. Taylor. “A pastor or church leader would certainly benefit from it, but it’s also something that could be used by individuals, Sunday Schools, and small-group studies.”

Dean Taylor,

The IARBC Annual Conference is just around the corner and this year’s them is “THRIVE”. GARBC National Representative, Mike Hess, will be speaking on building healthy churches, and Dr. Taylor will also be speaking during the workshop sessions. This book comes at a helpful time for those already considering how God will use this teaching in the life of their local church.

You can read more about The Thriving Church at the links below. You can get your own copy from the FBBC bookstore ( or the publisher’s website ( Dr. Taylor is also available to speak on the material in your local church or at other ministry events.
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I Wrote The Thriving Church For You

In addition to his writing and speaking ministries, Dr. Taylor has also started a podcast ministry called Shepherdology, which is designed to encourage pastors. Regular episodes are about 30 minutes long and include an encouraging truth, a helpful topic, and prayer for pastors. Past topics include primary responsibilities, companionship in a ministry marriage, a pastor’s health, best practices for a solo pastor, and more. Shepherdology is available on iTunes, Apple Play, Google Play, and Podbean.