Retired Pastors Sunday Recap

It was the delight of the church family of North Court Baptist Church, Ottumwa, to host a “Retired Pastors Appreciation’ Sunday” recently.  They sent us this report of the event:

We are privileged, at North Court, to have four retired pastors & their wives as members of our church family.  These faithful men represent over 133 years of pastoring, preaching, ministry.  We are grateful for the ministries of encouragement & prayer which each of them continue for our church family.  We are thankful to our Father for giving us the fellowship of:

Pastor Ron & Beverly Abbas
Pastor Stephen & Laurie Bartle
Pastor Melvin & Fern Mattox
Pastor Peter & Marian Watt

The focal point of the Morning Service was the joy and  necessity of service to our Lord & one another.  The message centered on the qualifications for & responsibilities of pastors.  The church family shared a wonderful dinner together; the afternoon service was a delight with each man sharing a specific highlight of their ministries.  Gifts were presented to each couple.

We are rich in the blessings of our Lord.

Pastor Roger Hemmings
North Court Baptist Church

The retired pastors and their wives who were honored at a special service by North Court Baptist Church.