Lighthouse Campus Fellowship at ISU

Attention ISU Students and Parents! See below for a wonderful campus ministry opportunity from CrossRoad Baptist Church!

Do you have a student or know of one, headed to Iowa State University in the fall? We would love to meet them! CrossRoad Baptist Church of Ames welcomes incoming students and their friends to join us at Lighthouse Campus Fellowship (LCF) for weekly activities planned to keep them growing in Christ while in college.  The Lighthouse Student Center is next to the campus, behind Dunkin Donuts, and is open throughout the week for LCF students to meet. Our year starts with the annual LCF Welcome Fest August 23-27th, where everyone is invited to join us for events throughout the week including a Steak Night and an International Food Night.  The Lighthouse is a perfect place to study and visit with friends, participate in Core Group Bible studies, and enjoy BBQ Nights and Pizza throughout the year. Our staff and exceptional student leaders are available throughout the week to help our students grow and offer sound biblical fellowship in Christ.  We encourage our students in LCF to engage with our church each Sunday in Worship and meet at the Lighthouse midweek for Bible Study, CORE groups, and prayer.  Our leaders are trained and ready to welcome your incoming students this fall!
We know from experience that each passing day an incoming freshman is not plugged into a campus ministry and being pursued by student leaders and staff is a potential day in which their decisions could alter their walk with God.  We hope to reach your students immediately upon their arrival at campus and are interested in making disciples for Christ and giving them opportunities for growth during their time here.  Follow us on Instagram to hear how one of our student leaders, Lucas Boyd, describes being a disciple and making disciples in his life. Check out more stories from students who have grown in their walk with God over the last year there on Instagram as well.  We are excited about what God is doing in our lives, our community, and our students on-campus and are prepared to meet each new student that God brings our way!  Please let us know how we can help your student(s) and their friends!