What is Ezra Ministries?

An update on EZRA Ministries from Pastor Greg Baum:

The concept of EZRA Ministries began to take shape in my mind back in 2015, pondering the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2.   What a tremendous cultural shift our nation has experienced with the passing of seven decades! I thought back to the seventy years of captivity the nation Israel experienced and the challenges they faced back in their land. Ezra the scribe ministered foundational Truth from the Word to the people during this pivotal moment in Jewish history. I pray that EZRA Ministries can assist churches struggling to live out a Biblical world view often fueled with opposition to Biblical truth.            

The simple acronym EZRA stands for:
       E – Evangelism
       Z – Zeal
       R – Revitalization
       A – Accountability

I would seek the privilege to come along side churches declining in impact to search the Scriptures concerning these four essentials in the life and activity of the body of Christ. Accepting God’s instruction to implement His Word guides His church to address our hindrances and equips us to recognize needed changes. 

If you desire, please contact me at cbmpastorbaum@gmail.com