Pastor Dan and Barb Eloe

UPDATE 12/29 (from Beth Paulsen, First Baptist Church Administrative Assistant): Pastor Dan is home! And likely back in the office today or tomorrow! We serve an amazing God.  He protected him for many days, likely close to a week, of having a collapsed lung! He was in the pulpit preaching with a collapsed lung.  This could have taken his life at any moment.  But God had other plans.  Last Monday they discovered his lung was collapsed and about the size of a baseball. A team of 8 Drs and nurses met him at the ER and inserted a tube to save his lung and potentially his life.  He remained in the hospital for the next 5 days, getting out on Christmas Eve.  Not before talking walking and praying with as many as he could in the hospital wing and with the workers, of course.  *smile* Thank you so so much for your prayers.  His recovery belongs to the Mighty Healer and Protector!

UPDATE 12/22 (from Pastor Cole Glanzer, Assistant Pastor in Waverly):
* Dan is doing well and is in good spirits.
* He will stay in the hospital for a bit (length of stay yet to be determined).
* There seems to be no medical explanation for him doing this well after experiencing a collapsed lung.

UPDATE #2 12/20: Pastor Dan had a procedure done as soon as he got to the Waverly ER.  While this was an emergency situation he is doing well. He has been admitted to the hospital and should be there a couple of days.

UPDATE 12/20: 
After getting an x-ray earlier today, Pastor Dan received a phone call saying he has a collapsed lung and he is on his way now to the Waverly ER. Please join us in prayer for him!

UPDATE 12/17: Good news! Pastor Dan preached his first message last Sunday! He is still a long way from recovering completely but is progressing well! He is so very thankful for God’s goodness through this trial and very thankful for your prayers, cards, and letters!

UPDATE 11/19: Here’s an update on Dan. Dan was able to come home from the hospital yesterday. We feel blessed that he was able to come home without oxygen. He is still pretty weak and his lungs have to continue to heal, but we are thankful that the rest of his recovery can be done at home. We are so thankful for all the prayers and concern on his behalf. Continue to pray for strength and healing for a complete recovery. -Barb

UPDATE 11/12:
Pastor Dan is on day 7 in the Waverly Hospital with covid pneumonia.  He is on high-flow oxygen that pushes air into his lungs. His lab results continue to show improvement. And his lungs continue to improve.  This illness requires much patience and rest.  He and Barb would like to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, and texts as they are on a difficult road right now! Please continue to lift them up in your prayers! God is always faithful!

: Pastor Dan remains in the Waverly Hospital. His oxygen level continues to be a challenge. He will remain in the hospital until his oxygen flow level improves and he is able to wean off the oxygen he is currently getting.  Barb is gaining strength but remains very weak and would also appreciate your prayers.

From First Baptist Church (Waverly): Please be in prayer for our senior pastor, Pastor Dan Eloe.  He is in the hospital with covid pneumonia.  His wife Barb is home and is very sick as well. 

Let’s bring the Eloes before the throne of grace and lift our voices to the Lord on their behalf.

Updates will be posted above as we know more. Thank you for your prayers!