Pastor Doug Farrell

11/23 UPDATE from Lori: Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us and to those who are lifting us up before God’s throne. We continue to see God working things out for our good and His Glory. Please continue to pray for Doug. He is currently in the Mason City hospital’s Critical Care unit  with low blood pressure and low hemoglobin due to a bleed in the GI tract. Please pray those numbers to improve and for this bleed to stop and begin healing. Pray for his doctors to have wisdom as they move forward.

11/4: Lori and I would request your prayer support. I have been recently diagnosed with B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  I will begin Chemo treatments next week.  Treatments will be once every three weeks for 6 sessions.
-Pastor Doug and Lori Farrell, Calvary Baptist Church, Forest City

This diagnosis was a surprise to Doug, but was not a surprise to God. It is difficult news to process. So we rest our confidence in the Lord. His wisdom…His direction…His goodness…His grace & comfort, and all that He is (Pr. 3:5-6). He will provide all that is needed.

Please pray for Pastor Doug & Lori as they navigate theses uncharted waters…trusting God for all of these things.

God bless,