Special Update-Micah Hartwig

Here is an update from the Hartwigs from 1/4/18.  Please continue to be in prayer for Micah and his family. 

What a day. Because we had concerns about Micah’s eye, the doctor was able to see him today. Then he had a MRI (his third one in the last month). The results showed us what we thought. The tumor has continued to grow rapidly. His vision is affected and the health of his eye compromised. Tonight, he said that his eye is starting to hurt. His eye is no longer healthy.

Tonight we made the heart-wrenching decision to have the eye surgeon remove the entire eye and the cancer. This decision has been long in the making, yet one we have been dreading. It is probably the hardest decision that we have had to make as parents. Yet, as dreadful as it is, we know that we have to make it. We don’t have any other options. Even if the clinical trial would work, we don’t have enough time to give it a chance to work. This is our last chance at trying to get rid of the cancer while it is in one location.

As I was waiting during the MRI today, I read Psalm 31:24 “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” The Lord is giving us courage and peace as we trust in Him. Thank you all for praying for us and Micah. The Lord is giving Micah peace and courage as well in the sadness. I’m sure that it will be a roller coaster in the days ahead, but we will keep seeking to look to God.

If things come together, his surgery will be tomorrow afternoon/evening (1/5/18). We will post as we know more details.

You can read updates on the Micah’s Journey Facebook page.